About Us

Harrison Boiler Robotics, FIRST team 1747, is a high school robotics team from Harrison High School in West Lafayette, Indiana. Since the team was formed in 2005, Harrison Boiler Robotics has been dedicated to creating a world that values the science and technology, while encouraging students to uphold Gracious professionalism and all other core values of FIRST throughout their time both as a student and employee of their future career.

Our Subgroups

Our team format allows each students to specialize with a particular set of tasks.  Harrison Boiler Robotics consists of five subgroups, each of which covers a specific area of robot production.


The tech subgroup is responsible for manufacturing the entirety of the robot and maintenance of the robots.


In charge of creating an in-depth design of each major component of the robot using a computer program in order to provide a blueprint for the other subgroups to follow. 


The business subgroup has a variety of responsibilities including fundraising, advertising, informing people about the team, writing essays for a variety of awards, and most importantly creating and attending numerous outreach events to inspire as many people as possible to pursue careers in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) fields.


The programming subgroup’s responsibilities include coming up with a JavaScript consisting of the different subsystems in the robot such as our elevator and arm. This is what lets our robot carry out tasks and perform different functions.


The electrical subgroup is responsible for adding all the electrical components to the robot. +