2021 Game

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The 2021 game is slightly different to games in the past.  Because of COVID-19, instead of competing in person, there 3 CHALLENGES which teams can choose from to participate in.  These are called FIRST INFINITE RECHARGE AT HOME, FIRST INNOVATION CHALLENGE, and FIRST GAME DESIGN CHALLENGE.


INFINITE RECHARGE AT HOME provides teams with a way to safely use their ROBOT from the 2020 and 2021 seasons.  Judges will virtually take a look at both the robot’s MECHANICS and a remote DEMONSTRATION of it’s SKILLS with the drivers controlling it.


The GAME DESIGN CHALLENGE presents a unique opportunity for teams to create and pitch their own FIRST Robotics Competition GAME.  Teams are asked to include a CHAIN into their design to be considered for a CONCEPT AWARD.  Each team who decides to participate must bring their game to life as if it were an actual FIRST Robotics Game.  Winners might be used as inspiration for FUTURE GAMES.


The INNOVATION CHALLENGE challenges students to choose a REAL-WORLD issue, create a solution, and PITCH a business plan marketing it.  Students must create a PROTOTYPE and an in-depth BUSINESS PLAN.  This issue is guided to relate toward HEALTH and ACTIVITY, while making sure people of all SKILL and ABILITY LEVELS are able to make use of the solution.


FIRST has currently stated that competitions will not be taking place for this season. Off-season events will be re-evaluated at a later date, but may be able to be held with a limited number of attendees. If off-season events were able to be held, they would be following the 2020 game, with rules as follows:

The 2020 game, INFINITE RECHARGE, consists of two ALLIANCES competing against each other to collect energy cells. The teams use these energy cells to fuel their shield generators, which protect FIRST CITY.

When the timer hits 2:30, the game begins, and robots run autonomously for 30 seconds. 

  1. The deploying of ROBOTS from the line
  2. Collecting of ENERGY CELLS into 3 GOALS
  3. Rotating the COLOR WHEEL

When the timer hits 2:00, operators can finally take remote control of their ROBOTS. ALLIANCES can still score by:

  1. Collection of ENERGY CELLS into GOALS
  2. Rotating the COLOR WHEEL
  3. Finishing at the SHIELD GENERATORS and FLOOR

At 0:00, the SHIELD GENERATOR activates.

At the end of the MATCH, the winning ALLIANCE will have the highest score. 

For more details on how competitions work go here and click on competitions.

Watch this game animation from 2020 to further understand INFINITE RECHARGE