FRC Season Cancellation

Team 1747 is very saddened by the news of the recent cancellation of the 2020 FIRST competition season. Our team has worked tirelessly to create our robot, and we are sad to see that we will not have the opportunity to use it for the competitions which we can no longer attend. However, we would like to thank our sponsors for supporting us during the brief competition season. Thanks to the McAllister Foundation, Caterpillar, Braunability, Culver’s, and all of our other supporters for providing the funding we needed for what was set to be a great season. We look forward to the 2021 competition season with the same ambition we started this season with.

Season Update

Team 1747 is preparing to have an amazing season! Special thanks to our current sponsors, the McAllister Foundation, Caterpillar, and Braunability for their generous donations toward our success. We have been tirelessly working on prototype after prototype, code after code to prepare for the upcoming competition season. We look forward to seeing other teams promoting gracious professionalism in our competitions!