This Year’s Game

This Year’s Game

The 2019 game, DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE, consists of two ALLIANCES competing against each other to collect samples on Planet Primus. ALLIANCES will be faced with unpredictable terrain and weather, making remote operating extremely essential. They are given just 2:30 before liftoff, meaning ALLIANCES must collect as many CARGO pods as they can and prepare for liftoff before the next SANDSTORM sweeps over the map.

When the timer hits 2:30, a SANDSTORM limits the driver’s vision, meaning ROBOTS must continue on their own program or be operated by the DRIVERS from their stations via video. ALLIANCES can score points from:

  1. The deploying of ROBOTS from the habitat 
  2. Preparation of ROCKETS plus CARGO SHIP, using HATCH PANELS
  3. Loading collected CARGO pods into the ROCKETS and CARGO SHIP

When the timer hits 2:15, the SANDSTORM will clear. Operators can finally take remote control of their ROBOTS. ALLIANCES can still score by:

  1. Preparation of ROCKETS plus CARGO SHIP, using HATCH PANELS
  2. Loading more collected CARGO pods 
  3. Taking the ROBOT back to the ALLIANCE’s habitat

At 0:00, the ROCKET lifts off.

At the end of the MATCH, the winning ALLIANCE will have the highest score.