This Year’s Game

This Year’s Game

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The 2020 game, INFINITE RECHARGE, consists of two ALLIANCES competing against each other to collect energy cells. The teams use these energy cells to fuel their shield generators, which protect FIRST CITY.

When the timer hits 2:30, the game begins, and robots run autonomously for 30 seconds. 

  1. The deploying of ROBOTS from the line
  2. Collecting of ENERGY CELLS into 3 GOALS
  3. Rotating the COLOR WHEEL

When the timer hits 2:00, operators can finally take remote control of their ROBOTS. ALLIANCES can still score by:

  1. Collection of ENERGY CELLS into GOALS
  2. Rotating the COLOR WHEEL
  3. Finishing at the SHIELD GENERATORS and FLOOR

At 0:00, the SHIELD GENERATOR activates.

At the end of the MATCH, the winning ALLIANCE will have the highest score. 



Watch this to better understand this game!