2017-2018’s Game

Last Year’s Game (2017-2018)

 Want to see the teaser trailer? Click here. 

FIRST POWER UP is the 2018 FIRST Robotics game. This consists of two alliances with three teams each. The game concept is about video game characters and their human controllers stuck in an arcade game. Both alliances are working to beat the boss to escape. There are three ways for each three-team alliance to defeat the boss:

    1. Control the Switches and Scale. The robots collect Power Cubes and carry them to Plates, where the Power Cubes get placed. This controls the Switches or Scale. When the Scale or Switch tips in their favor, it is owned by that Alliance. Alliances have to work for Ownership for as long as they can.
    2. Earn Power Ups. Robots carry the Power Cubes to their humans, who then drop them in the Vault to gain Alliance Power Ups. Alliances can use Power Ups to gain an Advantage in the Match for a short time. There are three possible Power Ups: Force, Boost, and Levitate.
        • Force lets the alliance gain ownership of the Scale, Switch, or both temporarily.
        • Boost doubles the rate points that are gained for a limited period of time.
        • Levitate allows a free climb when used.
    3. Climb the Scale. Robots go up the Scale to Face The Boss.